Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a crime, Bejjani Law can defend you against the complexities of criminal prosecution.

We are committed to the provision of true client-oriented, compassionate service.  We understand that criminal charges can be frightening, and that our clients may be confused and anxious as the case progresses. Maintaining a high level of transparent communication can more effectively engage our clients and set their mind at ease.

Though our firm primarily represents clients in civil litigation, we have an expanding criminal practice and have defended clients against serious felonies, misdemeanors, and municipal citations. 

The Unique Challenge of Criminal Litigation

Handling the criminal defense of a client is uniquely demanding on an attorney, as the stakes are fundamentally higher than a civil case.  If the client does not achieve a “win,” then they could be subjected to significant, life-changing penalties, including a term of imprisonment and fines.

It is worth noting that criminal liability is based on a stricter standard of proof: the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard, which is reflected mathematically by the highest likelihood of guilt. This gives criminal defendants a substantial advantage in litigation, and as such, it is important that you secure the assistance of an attorney that has demonstrated the ability and willingness to aggressively litigate on your behalf.

We are not pressured to prematurely push through a plea deal that is unfavorable to our client.  We work only for the best interest of the client, and as such, are careful to navigate the case in a way that secures the optimal result; not just the easiest one.

Miscellaneous Practices

Our firm has handled several airport currency seizures and expungements for convicted felons. Contact our office to learn more about what we can provide you!

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We are highly responsive to client needs, and pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times in handling a dispute, often resolving issues within just 24 hours of a client request.  This efficiency is made possible thanks to our boutique mentality:  we maintain low overheads and commit to providing exceptional service to each of our clients (as opposed to taking on a high volume of clients), ensuring that we have the time and resources necessary to allocate to a client’s case.

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