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Choosing a lawyer to represent you is just as important as selecting a doctor, accountant, banker, or any professional and personal service provider. It is crucial for you choose wisely, as the resolution of your case could mean substantial changes to your personal and financial wellbeing. Our firm never keeps clients in the dark or at a distance. Instead, we treat our clients the same way we would treat our own family.

Our clients receive personal and prompt attention as though they are members of an extended family. Rather than simply rushing through a legal transaction in order to move on to the next client, we believe in developing accessible, ongoing professional relationships with all of our clients as their legal needs evolve. Efficiency and punctuality are among our firm’s strongest attributes.

Bejjani Law PLLC is a full-service, general practice firm based in Detroit but serving clients throughout the United States and the world.  We represent a wide range of clients, from individuals to large companies.

We believe that clients should be treated as collaborative partners, and not simply as customers.  This commitment to our clients is more than just a feel-good selling point.  By working closely with the client from the beginning, we can more comprehensively understand their interests and thus tailor our representation to serve those interests.

Broad and Sophisticated Representation

At Bejjani Law PLLC, we are a full-service firm offering both transactional and litigation-related representation.
Our team routinely handles legal matters that involve:

The breadth and depth of our experiences has given us substantial insight into how to effectively handle a variety of different legal matters.

For example, our commercial litigation successes have taught us about the provisions in contracts (or the lack thereof) that can cause conflicts at a later date.  This informs our team when working with business clients who are looking to draft airtight agreements with third parties.  Quite simply, our litigation background ensures that we are aware of the liability risks involved when working on transactional matters.

Why Choose Bejjani Law?

Transparent Engagement

All too often, law firms allow clients to “slip through the cracks.”  Clients are expected to simply wait while the attorneys sit behind a curtain and perform the work at their own leisure.  In some cases, the work will be passed on internally and the client will face delays without any further explanation.

Here at Bejjani Law, we are committed to transparent and responsive engagement with the client.  When our clients receive a judgment from the court, for example, we go the extra mile to include all documentation and explain to our client what will happen in the future, and how the situation was handled, all for the sake of clarity and transparency.  When we communicate with clients, we want them to be engaged and informed.  This creates an atmosphere where the client is comfortable to provide further guidance with respect to their objectives and preferences.

Quality, Tailored Representation

Thanks to our transparent engagement strategy, we learn a great deal about each of our clients.  As such, we are well-positioned to provide quality, tailored representation that serves the specific interests of the client.  This is a critical differentiating factor for our firm.  We invest the time and resources necessary to advocate for the client in a way that is considerate of their unique circumstances, goals, limitations, and preferences.

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If you require assistance with your legal matter, whether you have a transactional issue or a litigation-related issue, we can help.  Contact Bejjani Law at (313) 757-0036 or via email at [email protected] to schedule a consultation with our firm.  We invest the time and attention necessary to fully evaluate the situation at-hand and develop an effective strategy for resolving the legal matter.

We believe that accessibility is fundamental to quality legal representation.  Unlike many competing firms, we respond to any and all inquiries within a short timeframe so that both prospective and current clients can have their concerns alleviated and their issues addressed in a timely manner.  We routinely handle some legal matters (i.e., trust transfers of real estate property) within just 24 hours.  Other firms often put these matters on the “back burner” so to speak, and are weighed down by firm bureaucracy, leading to unnecessary inefficiencies and delays.

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